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All in one


Hot & Cold Beverages + Snacks dispenser

Spice Tea
  • Supports up to 6 varieties of Hot and Cold Beverages dispensing.  Dynamically configurable.

  • Supports 2 varieties of snacks dispensing

  • Supports both hot and cold beverages in one bot at the same time

  • About 180 servings with a single refill

  • Less than 9 Sqft space required.

  • Contactless - For ordering, collecting, etc, no user touch is required.

  • Supports UPI, Cards, wallet payment, etc.

  • Fully automated dispenser - 24x7.

  • Less than 30 secs to dispense

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Lots of Beverages +  Snacks  covered

  • Hot Beverages like Coffee, Masala Tea, Herbal tea, Milk, Lemon tea, etc.

  • Cold Beverages like Buttermilk, Rose milk, Badam milk, etc.

  • Snacks items like Cookies, Chakli, Maddur vada, Halwa, Biscuits, Bun, etc.

Tea + biscuit - Indians love this combination!!


Now experience @nammametro

Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Metro Station, Bengaluru. 

A4 - 28
A4 - 29
A4 - 30
A4 - 31
A4 - 32
A4 - 27
Multicolor Coffees

Our t.bots 


Table Top

Table Top Plus


Tower Plus

Multicolor Coffees

CoOwn a

  • Refundable deposit of Rs. 1 Lakh (on base model)

  • Your location, your pricing, you manage operations

  • We manage the bot

  • 20% revenue sharing

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